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We want your children to feel as comfortable and happy in our childcare here at Enep’ut Children’s Center as they do in your home. We also always encourage as much parent participation as you want or need, and will work together with you every step of the way.

My son spent 3 years at Enep'ut and loved it. Lots of fun activities, the teachers are caring, supportive and fun while always making sure everyone is safe. Highly recommend!

Enep’ut Children’s Center offers a caring, stimulating environment for ALL children- they meet the child where they are and welcomes children to be themselves. Enep’ut Children’s Center staff consists of qualified caregivers that really care and take pride in offering innovative curriculum. “It takes a village to raise a child” and Enep’ut Children’s Center is vital to our village.

My son just started last week and he already loves it! He’s made good friends and the teachers are fantastic!

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Fun & Educational Childcare in Fairbanks

Caring for your children, helping them to develop their own abilities and knowledge according to their individual needs and developmental level, is our main purpose in all we do at Enep’ut Children’s Center Childcare. We help each child reach their potential, no matter whether for preschool, infant, toddler, or school-age kids.

Educational Childcare

At Enep'ut Children's Center, our mission is more than just to provide safe childcare here in Fairbanks. We are also dedicated to providing a fun, educational environment for every child we care for.

We offer learning experiences for children of every age, from two months old in daycare to twelve years old in after-school programs. Our classes and educational experiences are always developmentally appropriate, voluntary, and tailored to the individual needs of the child. The role of our instructors is to educate, observe, and be a partner and a resource in learning, and to keep things fun!

Most children already naturally find learning and exploration fun, and we nurture that curiosity to encourage a lifelong love of learning for each child. With this focus on fun, learning, and individual needs, our childcare programs help your child grow, both socially as well as in knowledge and understanding, all while having a good time along the way.

Learn, Grow, & Have Fun!

When you need to choose a childcare facility for your child, you want more than just a babysitter. The best locations provide someplace your will be able to learn, grow, and have fun all at the same time.

This perfect balance is what we strive for here at Enep'ut Children's Center, and no other childcare provider in the area can match our resources and special care. We provide a fun, social, and educational environment in our childcare program that feels like home for your child, with both indoor and outdoor play, focusing on individual levels and potential.

Our parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their children are having a great time, are making friends, and as they grow, they are better prepared for their future formal education. Because we focus on the individual needs of each child and provide variety every day, we help them toward becoming the best they can be.

Infant & Toddler Childcare Curriculum

Our infant and toddler childcare room is focused and structured to meet each child’s individual needs and developmental level.

Every child in this group receives personal attention from daycare teachers for diapering, cuddling, eating, singing, finger plays, and more. As always, we also welcome your input and participation in developing the best schedule and curriculum for your child. We provide a natural and fun learning environment with goals in social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and language development.

One of the methods we include in our unique curriculum involves the Educaring® Approach which shows that, when allowed to develop in their own way and time, infant children have the ability to discover, manifest, and inspire the best in themselves and others. We incorporate Magda Gerber’s ten key principles of childcare that encourage recognition for the child, involving them and respecting them as individuals. We structure and adapt our curriculum to best suit the individual needs of the child.

Preschool Curriculum

For this group of children, as with other levels of childcare, keeping them active, learning, and focused is crucial to their growth.

Through our many years of experience, we have found there isn’t just one best methodology for how children should learn, and it is for this reason that our unique curriculum takes parts from several different approaches at once, including student-centered curriculums like the Reggio Emilia approach, which is an educational philosophy utilizing self-directed, exploratory learning in relationship-driven environments.

We also incorporate constructivist curriculum, Emergent curriculum, and Montessori Education. In our preschool room, we have learning centers throughout the classroom. Each child can work at their own pace and ability level with learning centers designed to encourage creativity and imagination. Children learn most effectively by hands-on experience, and we encourage them to make decisions, solve problems, and learn to share graciously. We are focused on the individual emotional and social growth of each child.

After School & Summer Programs

For school-age children, Enep'ut offers before and after-school programs, as well as summer programs, providing a structured, fun environment to come to.

As with all other classes and childcare, we customize the curriculum to the needs of each of these children, up to twelve years of age. Our school-age classes and programs are a balance between learning and socializing, with indoor and outdoor activities available as needed. Need some place for your child to go after school? When your child comes to us for after-school childcare, they can find a quiet area for homework (we can even help out if needed), they can choose one of our fun activities (or some of their own), or relax and socialize with friends.

When they come to us before school, it can give you peace of mind in knowing they are safe, and prepared. We also offer a summer program that is for school age and preschool children that is more structured and offers many fun, challenging learning opportunities during those long summer days.

About Enep’ut Children’s Center

We are the Enep'ut Children's Center, a non-profit family-oriented preschool and childcare center, right here in Fairbanks.

Our instructors are experienced and caring, providing the very best care and education. Since 1973, we have taught and helped children in Fairbanks to grow. Our name, Enep’ut, is a Yup’ik word that means “our house," and we treat Enup’ut Children’s Center as our home.

We were founded on the Native Alaskan belief that children should be respected and nurtured to become productive members of the community. As such, we focus on meeting the individual development needs of each child, with childcare curriculum and groups determined by developmental level rather than age, caring for children the way that is best for them. Our facility also provides fenced-in natural areas for safe, outdoor play, and indoor fun and education, for ages two months to twelve years old.

Fairbanks' Favorite Childcare and Preschool

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to enroll your child in daycare or classes in Fairbanks, give us a call. We would love to talk to you about how our childcare or preschool can help to guide your child toward their personal potential. So don’t wait, contact us today.