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Enep’ut Children’s Center, incorporated in 1971, opened its doors to the Fairbanks community in 1973. Enep’ut is Fairbanks’ oldest, family-oriented, non-profit daycare center and pre-school. Enep’ut is a Yup’ik word that means “our house”. Enep’ut was founded on the Native Alaskan beliefs that babies should be picked up before they cry, and that children should be respected and nurtured to become productive members of the community.


Our program philosophy is designed to meet the individual development of the child. Teaching groups are determined by developmental level rather than by age. Children have the opportunity to interact with other groups and siblings, where student-teacher ratios permit, throughout the daily routine. A developmentally appropriate curriculum gives children the choice of activities within a group setting, or alone. Children may choose not to participate in any activity. Teachers serve as positive role models to develop individuality, a positive self image, emotional and social growth, self-esteem, gross and fine motor skills, self-help skills, pre-academic skills, language, music, creative, and science skills. Our goal is to provide children, in a supportive and caring environment, opportunities to develop the skills necessary to become productive and responsible members of the community.


Parents are the most important providers in the care and nurturing of their children. Our program supports parents in their wishes and expectations. As an important part of our program, parents are encouraged to attend and participate in Board of Directors meetings, which provide guidance and evaluation of the program. Our open door policy invites parents to share ideas and spend time with their children in the homey, family atmosphere we associate with ‘Our House.’